Friday, July 23, 2010

Sweet Little Brown(ies)

I don't feel like I devote enough of my blog to my sweet little Brown(ie) boys. So this blog posting is devoted entirely to them! :-)

I'll give you a brief rundown of the daily happenings of AJ (AB3). AJ has a variety of silly little nicknames given to him by Adam and I. They include: Joolka, Joolgee, Burahgee, Burahgamous J, Little Poo Poo. Please do not even take the time to ask where they came from. I will tell you right now that I have NO idea how we came up with these. They stem from a normal-ish nickname and somehow have gotten twisted into this randomness. AJ's favorite things right now are CARS! He has an obsession with model cars, but especially ones he can identify. He loves his "Camaro car, Meeshubeeshi car, Dodge car, Camper car, Lexus car, and Porsche car!" He has millions of others, but these are his favorite. And don't forget the Volwagons! AJ has been talking so much more lately and is putting words together to make sentences. Lately when he doesn't want something or is upset, this is how our conversations go:

Me: AJ, do you want some orange juice?
AJ: No mommy! No some orange juice, no want!
Me: Umm... AJ, would you like some orange juice?
AJ: No mommy! No like orange juice, no want!

Repeat this for anything you offer him within 2 minutes of this mini tantrum. It's frustrating most times because he screams this, but I can't help but crack up laughing because he sounds so cute when he says it! AJ's other obsession is his little brother, Aiden. Goodness gracious, the child is obsessed. The first thing he asks for when he wakes up is "baby brudder!" And then he proceeds to run through the entire house searching for his little brother. It's the cutest thing ever and Aiden absolutely loves the attention from AJ. Aiden sits there and watches everything AJ does and laughs when his brother comes near. It's the cutest thing ever to watch and I just know they will be best friends. My student teaching and being away from AJ have been hard on him. He is going through separation anxiety and cries for mommy when I leave. It's seriously so heartbreaking... but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! :-)

Aiden is nearly five months old and I am in shock at how much faster the second baby grows than the first baby! And the first baby grows pretty darn fast! Aiden's nicknames are also just as silly (if not worse!) than AJ's. They are: PooPoo Kloon, Denka, PooPooDenki, ChumPoopee and Buhragadenki. Again, don't ask. TYVM. lol

As I mentioned above, Aiden is fascinated with his older brother. He spots AJ when he's walking toward him and erupts into huge smiles and kicks those little legs faster than he even realizes he can! Recently, Aiden has been trying rice cereal and loves gulping it down. Aiden is literally the sweetest, most mellow little baby I have ever seen! He just sits back and watches everything happen and barely ever makes a sound. He will let you know when he's hungry with his loud shrilling cry! Aiden is also teething lately so he is drooling all over the place and in a lot of pain. Mommy and daddy try their best to make him feel all better with constant love and attention. Spending time sitting with daddy is one of his favorite things to do! Something funny Aiden does is that he scoots himself around already. If you lay him down vertically for a nap, you will come back to check on him in 5 minutes and he is horizonntally laying, and upside down from the way you laid him down. It's so funny to watch!

These little boys make my life worth living. I didn't know what it would be like to love two babies, but my heart naturally knew what to do and how to make that happen. They are two different little boys, but they are both mine and steal my heart on a daily basis. As much as I don't want time to move any faster, I just can't wait to watch them interact and play together and become the best friends that I know they will be in years to come. Let's just hope they still love their mama then as much as they do now! :-)

Until next time,
Mama Brown(ie)

Friday, July 16, 2010

24/7.... and then some!

I'm determined to one day print off this blog and turn it into some kind of a book that stays in our family for years to come. (this means I should probably start writing more!) With that said, I want to make sure I document this crazy time in the Brown(ie) household with as many details as I can remember. Although this crazy, sleep-deprived, busy, hectic thing I call my life is so insane right now, I know that in a few months I will look back and somehow suffer amnesia and forget how wild things really were.

Let's go back to Fall 2009. I was 5 months pregnant with AB4 and taking 22 college credits. All at the same time. And AJ was 1 1/2. This also involved a month long course held on Friday nights and all day Saturday. Aaaand I also had to complete 60 hours of classroom observations. Somehow I survived. Every single naptime/bedtime/spare second was spent doing homework, writing lesson plans, designing things for classes. Not to mention I still had a 2300 square foot house to clean, laundry to do for 3 people, meals to put on the table, and a nursery to design and put together for our newest family member!

Then there was Spring 2009. It was my last full semester of classes and the final push before I would be done! This semester also included 22 credits. At this point I was at the end of my pregnancy. This also involved a different month long course held every Friday night and all day Saturday for a month straight. It was a little easier this time around with only 20 classroom observation hours. March 11th brought on a new challenge: Aiden was born. My amazing little son had perfect timing and was born a week before my scheduled school Spring Break which helped me relax and try to enjoy those first few days of his entrance into the world. His heart problems and stay in the NICU for 12 days added a whole new level of stress into my life though. I had piles of homework to get through, a house to clean, a busy little AJ to chase around, and a newborn that I stressed and worried about every second of everyday. By the graces of God, an absolutely amazing beyond words mom who helped tremendously with watching the boys, I survived my final college semesters.... and I even managed to do so with a 4.0 GPA which gave me a Summa Cum Laude distinction at graduation.

Which brings me to now - Summer 2010. I'm in my final weeks of student teaching and whoa! What a journey it has been! My days start out at 4:40am with a shower and getting myself and two boys ready for the day. Getting two boys ready includes: selecting their outfits, making sippy cups (one milk, one juice), making baby bottles for Aiden (4-6oz bottles), changing diapers, dressing them, putting them into car seats, grabbing favorite toys, making my own lunch, and trying to remember a breakfast bar and my energy drink! I drop them off to my mama (who is my saving grace and the greatest gift in my life) and am at school everyday by 7:30. I get stuff ready for the day, attend meetings, assemble assignments, etc. until school starts. I leave school at 3:45 and after picking up the boys and I get home, it's already nearly 5:00. After dinner, washing bottles, playing "cars" with AJ, singing "Oompa Loompa" to Aiden, giving baths, and batting an eye at my loving husband, I sit down to grade papers and plan lessons for the following week. I don't get to bed until nearly 10:30, wake up with AJ when he needs to eat at night, and then I'm up by 4:40 the next day for the same thing all over again. Do you see why I said it's insane? And this is just an average day with nothing "additional" going on. Monday nights I have a seminar class for my student teaching which doesn't get get me home until 7pm. And then toss in those days where there is an extra curricular activity at school, or Adam's car needs to be picked up from the mechanic, or I have to run to Sam's Club to buy some more formula, or...., or....., or...... I could go on and on.

With all this said, I wouldn't trade any of my craziness for the world. My type-A personality gives me an advantage to this madness because I have lists, reminders, and notes galore to get me through it all. Not to mention, I have an amazing family to lean on that encourages me, supports me, helps me, and loves me. I hope one day my boys can look back at the sacrifices I made, the obstacles I overcame and hurdles I jumped to make my own dreams come true. I want them to have a mommy they can be proud of... and AJ and Aiden - I hope I haven't let you down.

Until Next Time,
Mama Brown(ie)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July Happenings

Mama's birthday in July always kicks off the birthdays/celebrations in our family. Here's the breakdown:

July - Mama Birthday
August - Tata Birthday
September - Adam's Birthday
October - Vicky's Birthday
November - My Birthday!
December - Paul's Birthday
January - AJ's Birthday
February - We're off this month....
March - Megan's Birthday, and Aiden's Birthday!

See! I told you! It's insanity! From July - March, the Serwin/Brown family keeps Hallmark in business!

This July is also extra special because Aiden's getting baptized at the end of the month. (Literally, on the 31st!) We selected two very special godparents for him, Diana and Seneca, and are so thrilled so see everyone at the end of the month. We haven't seen Paul & Megan, or Diana and Seneca, or Violet since D & S's wedding over a year ago. This celebration is long overdue for all of us! I have so much planning and preparing to do for this... and not enough time to do it all. The first step is getting off the computer! :-)

Till Next Time,
Mama Brown(ie)